Parent Association (CASPA)
April Chick Fil A - Monday, April 8

It's time for April's Chick Fil A order! 

Parents and staff can order student lunches that include one chicken sandwich, a bag of chips and a dessert for lunch on April 8th for $6 each. Drinks are not included. Please complete the following form and make sure to sign up each individual child or staff person. You may sign up for more than one lunch, if desired. Lunchbox cafeteria service will not be available this day.

The sign up deadline for this month is Thursday, April 4th. Late orders will not be accepted.

Please scroll down to continue to the order form.


The preferred method of payment is PayPal. If you do not wish to use PayPal, please submit a check to the CASPA mailbox at school by Thursday, April 4th. Orders without payment will not be processed. Please ensure you receive a PayPal confirmation email to ensure payment has gone through.


Ever dreamed of wearing plastic gloves and handing out food? If so, volunteer opportunities abound at https://cathedral.classroom...

Allergies Marjorie Wasson has kindly offered to go to Wendy's to ensure that those children whose food allergies make CFA impossible can also have a special lunch. Please note this option is for those children with food allergies only and not for those who may simply have a preference for Wendy's over Chick Fil A. Any Wendy's order is not part of the CASPA fundraising process. Please contact her at to make arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Wahl at

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