At our school, each homeroom is assigned a parent. Assuming we are starting with a blank slate, how do we populate the database?

There are many different ways to get data into CP, each tailored to the disparate needs of each school. The process outlined below is for schools where the parent organization is starting from scratch and where the school is not providing any data.

This makes the assumption that Homerooms (Classrooms in CP) are already set up.

  1. Ask each Class Parent to fill in a spreadsheet with the following information
    1. Homeroom code (you can generate a list from the Admin/Export page)
    2. First name of student (as it would appear in the school system)
    3. Last name of student (as it would appear in the school system)
    4. Nickname (what the student prefers to go by, or is known by)
  2. Combine all of these onto one sheet.
  3. Import this. It will place each student in their current Homeroom.
  4. For any Class Parent not already in the system, send them instructions on how to add their own information
    1. Search for and display a student of a mom you want to add
    2. Click the Students without Parents form link on the student page (you will need admin rights to view this)
    3. Copy the instructions and paste into an email to send to the appropriate Class Parent.
  5. Add each Class Parent as a Class Parent in CP to their homeroom
    1. Click on the Classrooms Tab
    2. Select the desired homeroom.
    3. Click the “Add Parent” link next to the Class Parent(s) label
    4. Type the name of the Class Parent in the provided field, select her/his name from the list that displays and click the Add Class Parent button
  6. Class Parents’ print and distribute manually, or email (as done above) the Students without Parents forms.
    1. Ask each Class Parent to login (they will have to have registered)
    2. On their “home” page, it will list them as a Class Parent for their assigned class.
    3. Clicking on the Class Parent link will take them to that class
    4. Once viewing the class page, they can click the Students without Parents Forms link
      1. This opens in a new browser window containing the forms
      2. Have them print the forms (depending on the browser, they may need to adjust the margins to get each form to print on a single page) .
    5. Working with their teacher they can distribute to each student or directly to the parent to have them complete
    6. The Students without Parents Forms can be rerun whenever desired and will only include those students with missing parent information.