What is the best way to keep parent information up to date?

As an admin you can request to send an email to all parents asking for them to confirm and/or update their contact information.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. Go to Admin/Tools and click the “Send request to parents to update their contact information…” link
  2. On the displayed page, fill in a subject, such as “Update or Confirm your contact information”
  3. Enter a message that describes why it is important for the school to keep your contact information up to date (keep a copy of this message and the subject in a separate document (like a Word doc) if you want to send a test message before the real one)
  4. Choose to whom you want the message sent:
    1. One Parent
      1. Begin entering the name of the person to whom you want to send the update request, then select them from the list. You can use this to send a test message to yourself (if you are a parent) so you can see how it works, or to resend the request to a parent who received an error when attempting to update on a previous request.
    2. All Parents
      1. This will send the update/confirm contact request to all parents who have not recently updated or confirmed their information
  5. Click the Send Update Request button

Each email lists the contact information for the parent it is sent to, along with a list of students in the system belonging to the parent, and contact information for any of the other parents listed in the system for those children.

The parent can click on a link to confirm that the address, phone, email information is correct, or click a second link to update that information.

NOTE: This service is only available for parents. A Staff Member or Teacher will not receive the confirm/update request, nor can you select them to be sent an individual request.