How should I use the Student_Parent import file template to build a list of students and parents to import?

Keep the first row with the field names, as the import needs this to identify which columns are included.
a. A couple of tips on the import file.
i. If the parent has the same last name as the child, you do not need to include the parent’s last name in the parent’s full name field.
ii. Instead of parent_1_full_name, you can include separate parent_1_first_name and parent_1_last_name fields (same for parent_2). If full_name is present, than you can’t include separate first and last names, and visa versa.
iii. If the second parent lives as the same address as the first, leave the parent_2 address (street, city, state, zip) blank. You can still include separate mobile, work numbers and email address
iv. If the parents live separately, include both addresses
v. If only one parent is involved, you do not need to include any second parent information.