Once we are setup and parent information is loaded, what should we do next?

If you had parent information loaded from a spreadsheet, you are now ready to spread the word about ClassroomParent and use some of the tools provided by the system to have parents confirm their information.

Sharing information about ClassroomParent to your school community

To the best of your abilities, parents should be notified that you are going to start using ClassroomParent before they receive the first email from CP. To that end, CP provides a couple documents that you should consider sending to parents and teachers from outside CP.

Go to Admin/Tools and take a look at the Getting Started section and the Benefits documents. For each, you can print them and distribute however your school currently distributes paper notices. Or, you can copy them and paste them into whatever email system you have been using to email parents.

If you don’t currently have a method to distribute information to parents, then you can copy and paste the benefits information into a CP whole school message and send that to all parents.

Follow the same instructions for sharing the Benefits to Teachers information if you are expecting teachers to also use the system. You can email all of the teachers in CP from the teachers page

Review your Admin Settings

Go to Admin/Settings and review your settings. You may also learn about a couple features that you did not know ClassrooomParent had :).

If you are not currently using the newsletter feature (i.e. the newsletter is turned off in your settings), you should seriously consider turning it on. It is a very simple way to keep parents informed. You just add events, and ClassroomParent will automatically include them in the weekly Sunday newsletter. The newsletter includes events about 3-4 weeks in future.

Here’s a few other help documents on the newsletter

Review the Roles

Take a look at the Admin/Roles page and add people who should take on these special roles. We strongly advice adding a school administrator to the those that will receive notifications about changes in parent contact information. This will help ensure that other systems maintained by the school can be updated. 

Have parents confirm or update their information

Returning to the tools page, use the Communication Tools to send parents a message from the system containing the contact information entered into the system for them, with buttons to confirm or edit.

Upload school calendar events

Can you get an export of your schools calendar (i.e. school closures, vacations, professional development days etc) in a standard Calendar (.ics) format? If so, do so and those events can be uploaded using the Admin/Importer.

Add events manually

Regardless of whether or not you have imported school events, you will likely have events that would not be on that calendar. These could be parent organization meetings, school functions, teacher appreciation days, etc.

You can also begin adding homeroom and grade specific events.

Here’s a few other help documents about events

Add groups

Do you students that are grouped together outside of the homerooms/classrooms or grades? Do you have after school programs, sports teams, specials education students, bus lines, where you would like to communicate with the parents (or students) of just those groups? If so, you should consider using the Groups function. With it, you can create a group of students (or parents, or teachers, etc), and use the communication tools (email, events, materials, and text) with just that group.

Here’s a few other help documents about groups

Check out the help documentation

You can browse the help documentation to learn more about what ClassroomParent can do for you and your parent organization