Can I import a file of student homeroom assignments to aid in the promote process?

Yes! One of the import formats is called Student Class Assignment. The consists of the student’s first name, last name, school identifier (if available), the year (i.e. 2017-2018) and the class code of the homeroom to which that student will be assigned.

Here is a sample of what would appear in the file to be uploaded/imported:

year student_last_name student_first_name student_id class_code
2017-2018 Abel-Skinner Daxton 1201469 201
2017-2018 Abbot Maggie 202
2017-2018 Abell James 1158799 502
2017-2018 Abrams Susan 401

The class_code must match a class_code for a homeroom in the system.

Typically, schools that wish to use an import file for “promoting” students will use the Promote process to promote Staff, Teachers, Classrooms, but will skip the manual Student promote step, and instead use the import file.

ClassroomParent staff are happy to help. Send us a message at if you have any questions.