How can I get parents to purchase items/products I have setup in the store?

One of the easiest ways to notify parents about store items, and to easily allow them purchase those items, is to use the Display this product in the weekly newsletter feature.

When you edit/create a product listing, you can chose whether or not to include that product in the weekly newsletter. If you select this for a product, that product’s tile (image, description, price, etc) will display at the bottom of the weekly newsletter with a “Add To Cart” button.

When a parent clicks the button, they are immediately taken to the store page with that product placed in their cart. They will not be required to login, as the system as identified them from their link in the newsletter.

From there, they will be able to adjust the quantity of the product they just placed in their cart, add other items from the store into their cart, and checkout.

Categories: store products