How does the newsletter work?

What is sent?

If your school has the newsletter feature turned on, every Sunday morning (7am ET), the system will send a message to some/all parents/teachers/staff, with the following information:

  • Any upcoming events that are pertinent to that person. 
    • For parents, this means that if the parent has a second grader, and there is an upcoming event for the second grade, then the newsletter will include information about that event. This is also true for events entered for a homeroom/classroom, groups, and the whole school. Parents will not receive notifications about events that are unrelated to their students. For example, if they don’t have a 3rd grader, they won’t receive notifications about 3rd grade events.
    • For teachers, they will receive event notices for events in their assigned homeroom/grade (if they are assigned a homeroom), or group if they are a member or owner of the group, or whole school events. 
    • For staff, they will receive whole school event notices, as well as group notices that they are a member in or an owner of.
  • Any events that they receive notifications about that include volunteer opportunities, they will also receive information about those opportunities. Events that require volunteers will have a “Volunteers Needed” link. Clicking the link will take the user to the volunteer opportunities for that event (they will be asked to login in, if they aren't already)
  • Any messages that were marked to be included in the newsletter.

Who is it sent to?

  1. Find all of the parents/teachers/staff that are associated with the current year (i.e, the year that is currently set as the active year for that school) 
    1. For parents, this means that their student is listed in a homeroom in the current year. 
    2. For teachers, they must be listed on the teachers tab
    3. For staff, they must be listed in the staff list.

Will all parents/teachers/staff in the current year receive the newsletter?

Messages will only be sent to an individual if one of the following is true:

  1. There is an upcoming event associated with the person (parent/teacher/staff). The newsletter looks 32 days in the future.
  2. There is a message that has been set to be included in the newsletter that is pertinent to the person. 

If all of the above is not true (i.e. the person has no future events and no messages), a newsletter is not sent to that person. 

IMPORTANT: If you are in the process of transitioning to a new school year, parents/teachers/staff that are new that year will not begin receiving the newsletter until you set the new year as the active year. Also, if you are a new school, and the newsletter is turned on, it will begin sending as soon as you begin entering events. Therefore, we suggest leaving it turned off until you are ready to make CP active for your school.