How does the store work?

The store within ClassroomParent allows schools and parent organizations to sell items to their school community. Anything can be listed in the store: Tickets to fundraisers, school swag, field trip costs, and fundraising items like flowers, frozen pizza’s, among others.

The store is very simple to use, you just need add a person as a store manager, then an item to sell, and let parents know that it is available for them to buy.

There are no additional costs for using the store. It is included in the subscription.

Though it is not required, we strongly suggest parent organizations create/use a Stripe account into which funds from the store flow. It only takes a few minutes. You need to have your bank information at hand. You initiate creating the account from the Admin/Settings area (you need to be a site admin to do this). With a Stripe account setup and connected, funds automatically flow into your bank account on the 3rd business day after the transaction.

If a parent organization chooses not to create/connect a Stripe account, funds collected during a month are distributed at the beginning of the next month.

There are no hidden fees. When a parent purchases an item from the store, they are required to cover the transaction fee (Stripe credit card fees plus ClassroomParent convenience fee). The per transaction fee is 2.9% + $1.35. This means that the PTA gets 100% of the price of the sold item.

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