How can I use CP to get more parents to pay subscriptions?

If you are using ClassroomParent to track and administer subscriptions for your parent organization, you can use CP’s Fundraising Tools to help you get a higher participation rate, and increase funds for your parent organization.

To do so, do the following:

  1. Compose a message offline (in MS Word or similar) that explains why purchasing a subscription is important to the success of your school.
  2. Go to Admin/Tools
  3. Click on the “Send request to non-subscriber parents to subscribe to the Directory….” link
  4. Enter a subject that will get people to open the message, such as "Want to learn how to make [your schools name] better?
  5. Paste in your message (you may need to clean up the formatting after pasting).
  6. You can send a test message to yourself or and other
  7. When ready, send to all those that have not yet paid their dues.

The message will contain a link that allows the person to step through purchasing a subscription via credit card. It also suggests that they add an additional donation, which about 30% of parents do.

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