How do I create an event, like a class party, that requires parent volunteers?

Any event can have volunteer opportunities associated with it, and all volunteer opportunities must be associated with an event.

So to create an event that requires volunteers, do the following:

  1. Go to the classroom, grade, group page that the event is associated with. For example, if this is a homeroom party, go to that homeroom’s page. If you are creating a whole school event, go to the School/Events page.
  2. Click the Add Event button to the right of the Event/Sign Ups title
  3. Complete the information on the event, include start and end times, description and name.
  4. Click the Create button. The event will be saved and the form will close.
  5. To add volunteer opportunities, click the paper icon (with the corner turned down), then click the Add Volunteers link. This will take you to the Volunteer Management pages for the Event
  6. Add the Volunteer Time and Volunteer Stuff opportunities.
  7. Once you have added all of the opportunities. You can send a notice to the parents associated with event (the classroom, grade, group or whole school, depending on where you created the event). To do so, do the following:
  8. Click the Volunteer Messaging tab
  9. Fill out the form (subject, description) and chose to send the message to all parents
  10. Click the Send Message button. This will send a message to all of the parents with the details of the volunteer opportunities, and links to sign up. You will receive messages whenever a person signs up.