How do I send a message to my whole class?

To send a message to all the parents in a class

  1. Login
  2. Teachers are automatically shown their classroom page.
  3. Parents can select the classroom from the classrooms list, or select one of their children (students), then the classroom from their child’s page.
  4. All users can also search for the teacher by name, then select the teacher from the search results list, and click on the classroom listed on the teacher page.
  5. On the desired classroom page, for teachers, class parents, staff and admins, there will be a New Message button above the Messages area.
  6. Click on the New Message link and a window will open with fields for Subject and Message. Fill these in, then click the Send Message button.

A message will be sent to all parents of the students in the class, and to the teacher(s) associated with the class